Glad to have Mr Khairil (Director / Owner) and Mr Dean Koh ( General Manager / Owner) showed and introduced me to Sparta Tiger Muay Thai. Thank you for your time !! and Congratulations on your two months opening!

I diligently gather info as I asked many questions posed to both gentlemen on the noon of Feb 21st, 2012. Did you know?? Sparta Tiger Muay Thai  is the first TIGER MUAY THAI Affiliate in the World and biggest at the moment. See link to Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket

To be honest, I’m not such a fitness type of person but this place has definitely captured my attention. First and foremost, the HYGIENE level of this center is impeccable. For ladies, this is ultra important. And I actually sat down on the tatami mats while conversing with Mr Dean. Air freshener on the corner of each walls periodically emit fragrances. ( I LIKE). And actually this is one of their selling point ( HYGIENE) – was also told that the mats will be wiped down with sanitizer three times a day or after each work out session.

The tatami mats are special since they are the first and only gym in Malaysia using this type of mats. Most gyms of this nature would use the jigsaw mats but for Sparta – they do not want to compromise on quality and each mat could easily cost up to Rm600 per piece. They are about 120pieces in the center.

The other thing was Space – I like that this center spanned approximately 4276sf in built up. It’s pretty huge and comfortable and could hold 40 members at one training session. Sparta took the entire corner unit on the 10th floor.. And I like that the breeze  ( i called it the natural air cond) which was blowing in throughout my time there. Spotted a number of cassette type air conditioner  but according to Mr Khairil; it will not be turned on during training. Yeah, i believe that it’s not healthy being in an airconditioned place while working out.

Trainers – Sparta has two full time Thai Trainers.  Kru Moo is a 5 times Muay Thai Champion in the Southern Thailand province and Kru Tanwa Tanwa is a well-known name within the Malaysian fighting circuit as he has appeared in many Malaysian based competitions. He will be fighting this Saturday – Kuala Lumpur Muay Thai Challenge Tournament at Titiwangsa Stadium. Ikram, Sparta’s Malaysian Fitness Trainer who has a chiseled body was seen in the gallery conducting the Sparta Fits ( boot camp). He is also a Certified Fight Class Instructor and has experience in Muay Thai training.

According to Mr Dean, it is a growing trend especially in Singapore whereby ladies contribute to the high enrollment to muay thai gym. Approximately 60%. I know Malaysia will be picking up following suit to our neighbour country if centers/gyms like Sparta sprouts around town which is in the pipeline for Sparta. I just checked on their Fb page and guess what?  Sparta Muay Thai at Sunway University opening soon. COngratulations again! by the way, i do believe this business will thrive and catapult to success because the way Mr Dean spoke about his passion, mission and goals for Sparta.

As for the classes – they are a range to choose and you can actually join and enjoy all the classes offered such as Muay Thai Cardio, Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced, Sparta Fitz (Boot camp), RIP 60, Lunch hour pump, for FREE for an ENTIRE month because SPARTA wants you to feel and be comfortable before you decide to be a Spartans!

I like that Sparta conducts a Women Only Classes on Wednesday for those ladies who are a lil shy to work out with opposite sex. Note: Trainers are still male though. On weekend, they also have the children’s class – suitable for age group 4-12 years. I used to learn taekwondo and it did equipped me with some confidence when I had to whoop some naughty boys in school. So, highly recommended for parents  to send their kids for some sort of self defense class. Again, this center is very clean, new, friendly and a very safe environment  suitable for children. Package for children weekend class @ Rm80 per month.

One can opt to join their unlimited classes at Rm200 per month if you are a workout freak or looking for a fast effective method to losing weight. A success story for the Sparta now is a member who first joined 7 weeks ago weighing approximately 110kilos has reduced to 95 kilos now. He does not work out regularly (2, 3 times a week in Sparta) and the results are indeed something to shout about.

Students get to enjoy their privileges here too @ RM140 for the unlimited class package. As long as you can show them your ID as a student .

Weekend class package  @ RM140 per month.

The most senior member for Sparta is a lady aged 57 years old and she love boxing the punching bags( treating it like her husband; I supposed).

Anyway, what are you waiting for?? Try out today and give them a call – Mr Dean will answer all your queries and you should seize the opportunity and try out this FREE 30 DAYS trial at Sparta Tiger Muay Thai.

Registration fees of Rm150 is currently waived off for early birds.


A-10-09, Block A, No. 2, Jalan PJU 1A/7A, Oasis, Ara Damansara, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Mon – Fri: 10:00 am – 11:00 pm
Sat – Sun: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
SPARTA Muay Thai & Mixed Martials Arts (Tiger Muay Thai Malaysia) is part of Tiger Muay Thai @ Phuket, Thailand. Check us out at
SPARTA Muay Thai & Mixed Martials Arts (Tiger Muay Thai Malaysia) is part of Tiger Muay Thai @ Phuket, Thailand- one of the most reputable and biggest Muay Thai and MMA academy in Asia.

SPARTA is the first and only affiliate gym of Tiger Muay Thai @ Phuket in Malaysia.

With Tiger’s backing, we’ll let our centre and trainers speak on behalf of us. We won’t give you half truths or empty promises.

To know SPARTA, You gotta see SPARTA, You gotta feel SPARTA, You gotta experience SPARTA.

SPARTA is not just a gym, it is a lifestyle.